Friends of ’81 Reunion

Its been 35 years (for the class of ’81, anyway), so we are inviting our classmates and our friends from other years. By this point, if you know us, dated us, are/were married to us, are related to us, or just want to hang out with us, come on down to Bella Viva Restaurant in Gilroy on Saturday Nov. 5, starting at 6pm. We’d love to see you, catch up on things and celebrate being from Gilroy.

We’re featuring awesome food prepared by our very own famous Chef Peter Maguire. He’s traveled the world, worked in major restaurants as a professional chef and spent years as a culinary instructor. One more great reason to come on down and hang out with us.

We’ll do other fun things, but mostly we want to see as many of our classmates as we can. We can’t believe how old we are, but we’re still young at heart.

Get the word out to your friends. Post on Class of 81 Facebook page. Share some memories, upload a photo. Contact classmates that aren’t on Facebook, too. Call, email, or text them. Get ’em to come on down.


While you are here:

Gilroy High School
Friends of 81 Reunion

Nov. 5, 2016

Bella Viva Restaurant
7423 Monterey Road, Gilroy